Resident Pool Pricing
Glenmoor Gardens residents have several options for using Association Pools:
Purchasing a Family Pool Membership provides access without entrance fees
Purchasing guest passes at a discounted price - each entrant will need a pool ticket
Paying a cash entry fee at the gate - $8 cash per pool entrant
Effective 2024 cash entry option will no longer be available
Resident Membership Pricing
Full Season Family Pool Plan  $210 ($190 if paid by 5/12)
Mid Season Family Pool Plan (starts July 10)  $160
Full Season Family Pool & Tennis 
 $310 ($290 if paid by 5/12)
Senior Pool Plan (60 - 64)  $80 (65+ is free)
Pool tickets (purchased online)
 $5 each OR  a book of 10 for $40
Entry fee paid at pool entrance  $8 cash 
Residents under 1 year old  Free
Interested in using the Association Pools this summer?
All GGHA residents interested in using the pools this summer
will need a pool membership account with us
even if you plan to use the pools by paying cash or using guest passes
 Your pool membership account will enable you to enroll in a pool membership
and purchase guest passes.
Members wishing to use guest passes or cash to use the pools
will need to select the PAY AS YOU GO MEMBERSHIP
How do you create or access your pool membership account?
If you created an account last year: If you need an account:
2. Under My Account click My Profile
3. Review your family info & update as needed
4. Under My Account click on Add Member if you have a new family member
5. Click on Memberships
6. Select desired membership
7. Follow instructions to complete enrollment
2. Watch for an email with instructions
3. Follow instructions to create your account
    and enroll in your chosen pool membership
We are now accepting credit cards for guest pass and pool membership purchases.
We will continue to accept check and cash for these items with a visit to the office.
Please remember guest passes are non refundable & must be used the year purchased
If you have any questions, please give the office a call (510-797-7600).